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Hippy-Dippy Granola

Posted by lekorn on November 9, 2009

Now that there are so many great granolas available for sale in the US, we tend not to make it anymore. But now that I am back in Mexico, I cannot find a granola that doesn’t have margarine or sugar in it, or some extraneous thing I don’t want.  Besides its much cheaper to make it yourself. So I have returned to my hippy-dippy granola making days, which began in Yelapa in 1973. Here’s my recipe: 


Oatmeal provides the core around which you build your granola but have fun with your proportions. All these ingredients are available here in Puerto Vallarta and elsewhere.


Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl:



Raw Pecans

Raw Almonds

Raw Sunflower seeds

Raw Pumpkin seeds

Raw Sesame seeds


In a small pot, place some unsalted butter and honey and melt together. Pour this mixture into the dry ingredients and stir well. Don’t soak the granola with the liquid, just enough to dampen it.


Then, place a large fry pan on the stovetop and pour in a 2-3 inch thick layer of granola filling the pan, and stir over a low heat. You can let the mixture sit, unstirred, in the pan for 2-3 minutes at a time but be careful you do not burn the mixture. (Some people like to put the granola in an oven to bake, stirring occasionally, but you have more control over it on the stovetop.)


Do not cook the mixture until it is crisp; stop cooking before you think it is done; it will continue to crisp up while you let it sit. Plus, nuts are best when eaten raw so this light toasting will not destroy the beneficial oils.  Put the hot mixture into a glass or steel bowl, while you cook the next batches. Let it all cool and then store in a glass jar in a dark, dry place.


Eat with fruit and fresh yogurt or a tropical passion fruit sauce. (That recipe will follow…)


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