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Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally, The Native Way

Posted by lekorn on November 6, 2009

Our new book, Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally, The Native Way is out in ebook format and will be out in paperback this month. The book and DVD have been approved for 20 CE’s from the American Holistic Nurses Association credentialing center. It will appeal to anyone who is interested in both natural medicine and indigenous approaches to health and healing. Check it out.


One Response to “Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally, The Native Way”

  1. Leslie,
    It’s a pleasure to read news of you and know that you are in Mexico doing good work. Felicidades por haber regresado a la tierra bendita! I’d love to get a copy of both of your books mentioned here. I’m doing community health and eco projects with the pueblo of Bacalar, Quintana Roo. We’ve started monthly medicine making workshops and my dream is to see a community wellness and spa project that serves locals and visitors.
    I imagine that you are on the west coast in your old stomping grounds. If there’s any way I can convince you to visit us over here, let me know. Organize a workshop? Line up clients/patients for you? Tienes tu casa en Bacalar! xox~Jacqui

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