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Kay Harper, Los Alamos and Yelapa, 1958

Posted by lekorn on November 6, 2009

In 1997 Rudy was speaking at a conference in Los Alamos  at the invitation of Marjorie Bell-Chambers, about the aftermath of the bomb and he put some of our Yelapa seminar brochures on the speakers table. After his talk, Kay Harper, 83, came up to him and told him her story about how in 1958 she canoed over to Yelapa with her husband, the Los Alamos Laboratory photographer Bob Harper, and Steve Glumaz whom they’d met in a bar in PV.  These are a few of Bob”s photos of their stay in Yelapa. Later that year, Kay donated her husband’s Yelapa photos and her notebooks about her travels to Mexico, to our non- profit, the Center for World Indigenous Studies. (www.cwis.org)

Photo Credits: Robert Harper,Copyright, 1958


4 Responses to “Kay Harper, Los Alamos and Yelapa, 1958”

  1. Paul Glumaz said

    Anyone who remember my father Steve Glumaz who died in 1977, please email me. I would love to see pictures of my father, if anyone has any. I spent part of two Summers at Las Lagunitas in Yelapa in 1957-1958 when I was 7 and 8 years old. Yours, Paul Glumaz.

    • Marina Glumaz said

      I remember him. He was my grandpa! I haven’t been to Yelapa yet, but I have been in touch with all my family. I had the opportunity to first meet Elena in the 80s when she came looking for the Glumaz family in the Bay Area and we took it from there and found Paul. I remember my grandpa as a warm loving man who used to bring his grandchildren baskets of gifts including puzzles and toys. I think I sent Paul photos as well as Elena who lost all of hers in a house fire. I am so thankful for the opportunity to express my foundest memories of my grandfather. Yours, Marina Glumaz

  2. I remember Steve well. he was a wonderful guy. I dont think I have any photos but I will check.

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