Burying the Umbilicus

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If you don’t know where your umblicus is buried, its as if you had no mother

Posted by lekorn on November 1, 2009

I have recently returned to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to live for the year on a Fulbright award that will enable me to continue my research on traditional medicine among rural indigenous women.  I first arrived here in 1973 and immediately went to live in Yelapa where I stayed. By 1975, I began my studies of local curanderismo, medicinal plant use and general beliefs about healing. I have lived much of my adult life here, with hiatus to both Boston and more recently Olympia. I am so happy to be back, but now in the city which affords the necessities required for translating the fieldwork into something productive.  I will focus this blog on writing about my research as well as my current writing on natural medicine in Mexico, diabetes, and  (since I am finishing up a cookbook with my co-author and husband Rudolph), on food and cooking. Of course news about our dogs, will also appear from time to time. I am delighted to find an active animal health and rights community here.. Women, primarily populate animal care activities everywhere  and we continue to carry out our traditions from the ancient times when dogs (OK, and cats, as well as other animals also) were our work and life companions. During the 19th century feminists also combined their activities of animal rescue and anti-cruelty with vegetarianism and women’s rights. One of my favorite writers on the subject is Carol Adams http://www.caroljadams.com/books.html… Well, since I got off on animals, here’s a recent photo of mine. They don’t usually wear bows, but my wonderful Spanish translator, Marcela, is also a groomer and she felt compelled.


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